The Girl Child education Fund project Report

The Girl Child education Fund project is a nursing initiative aimed at addressing the education needs of
orphaned daughters of nurses. To achieve this ICN/FNIF have been mobilizing nurses and donors in creation of
the fund to cover costs of school fees, books, and uniforms for the education of orphaned girls recruited to the
project. through the initiative, the project has played a significant development to the girl child through
contributions of economic independence, reduction of the social and economic vulnerability among a host of
other benefits.

The Vision
To be the unifying member responsive nurses and midwives Association in the country and beyond

The Mission
To represent nurses and midwives in promoting professional development, social welfare, advocacy through
professional capacity development, membership growth, and innovative governance.

Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNIF)
The Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) is a charity organization in the United Kingdom that provides
scholarships to nurses, midwives, and other health professionals while serving as a living memorial of the work
of Florence Nightingale
The foundation is a voice for nursing across the UK. It works to improve patient care in the UK by extending
scholars skills and knowledge and promoting innovation in practice. It achieves this through educational
programmmes, leadership development, and clinical nursing research involvement, including the development
of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Chairs in Clinical Nursing Practice Research.

Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF)
The Stephen Lewis Foundation partners with organizations led by and for community members in the 15
countries most affected by the AIDS pandemic, in sub-Saharan Africa. The expertise needed to turn the tide of
HIV and AIDS is found at the community level, it, therefore, works with organizations leading exceptionally
effective responses.
The National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNA-KENYA) has been implementing the GCEF project since
2006 with the first cohort that started with 10 girls. The total number of girls that have benefitted from the
project since its inception are 128. During this reporting period of year 2023 the project supports 20 girls through
Primary and High school.

Due to covid-19, the government had to postpone exams that were supposed to be done end of 2021 to early
2022. Due to this in 2021 we had 2 sets of exams been done in 2022 i.e. in March and November.

In March 2022, we had 3 girls sitting for the primary exams. Below are the marks that they obtained and the
High schools joined

In November 2022, we had 3 girls sitting for the primary exams. Read more by downloading the report below.

Read the full Report by Downloading this file.