Ophthalmic Chapter

The Government of Kenya initiated training programs for nurses in Ophthalmic nursing in 2003 at KMTC Nairobi with a class of fourteen nurses. In response to this milestone in the Nursing Profession in Kenya, the National Nurses Association of Kenya enacted the Ophthalmic Chapter which brings together all Ophthalmic Nurse Professionals.

The chapter has achieved tremendous success and through its concerted efforts, eye care services have improved, community access to eye care services has mushroomed, marginalized communities have been able to actively participate in eye care services, the referral systems for eye care services have been streamlined, and other staff have benefited from Continuous Medical Education in relation to eye care.

Since 2003 Nurses have continued to show interest in the speciality thus increasing their number exponentially with each subsequent year. Today, ophthalmic nurses have been deployed to work in various parts of the country in both faith based organizations, and government institutions.


The Ophthalmic Nurses in association with NNA-Kenya formed the Chapter in 2009 to bridge the gaps in ophthalmic nursing and advance best practices.

Chapter activities.

Planning for annual scientific conference for the ophthalmic nurses, the first one was held in 2011. The last Annual Scientific Conference for this chapter was held on 9th-10th August, 2012.

Achievements This has remained to be a robust Chapter within the Association as it scales new heights and attract more nurses to specialize in Ophthalmic Nursing.