Fellow Kenyans, on 9th August 2022, we held a peaceful Election proving that we are all brothers and sisters of one great Nation called Kenya. As our National Anthem says O God of all Creations, Bless this our Land and Nation.” The blessed land of Kenya and its wonderful peaceful people was indeed manifested to the whole world on that day as is stated in our National Anthem. I want to congratulate the IEBC for carrying out its constitutional mandate on election day. The elected Governors, Senators, Women Representatives, Members of Parliament, and Members of the County Assembly, Congratulations and let Service be your earnest endeavor.

The future growth and development of our Great Nation are derived from the Patience we uphold, Peace, Unity, and Love as quoted in our National Anthem, “may we dwell in unity peace, and Liberty,” I, therefore, urge all Kenyans to be peaceful. To Nurses and other Health workers, our code binds us to support each other for us to fulfill our ethical and professional obligation. We all pledged to pass our lives in purity and to practice our profession faithfully.
That is my prayer as I stand for peace.

May God bless our Great Nation, KENYA.

15th August 2022
Collins Otieno Ajwang
President – National Nurses Association of Kenya