Nightingale Challenge 2020

NNAK has signed as among the organizations taking up the Nightingale challenge 2020 whose aim is to; 

Inspire the next generation of nurse and midwife leaders during 2020 Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

“Success of mentorship is when you mentor a person to be better or greater than you are” anonymous. Youth and young persons have shown a dynamic approach to many things and issues. Their approach has simplified things and also helped in achieving goals which seemed impossible and this makes their inclusion in policy making table crucial.

The nursing fraternity has recognized this valuable asset and thus have set the Nightingale challenge during the year of the nurse and midwife 2020. The challenge requires the various nursing bodies and organizations to mentor young nurses (below 35 years) in leadership. The challenge is a subset of nursing now campaign which aims at rising the profile of nurses globally. It aims in mentoring at least 20,000 nurses through their various professional bodies in their countries.

The Nightingale challenge is exceptionally significant in this era as these, to be mentored young nurses are crucial in attainment of Universal Health Coverage which is in the 3rd sustainable development goal (3rd SDG) in the UN agenda for a better world by 2030. It is our goal and objective, through this challenge to have nurses and midwives ably prepared to influence healthcare policies. Moreover, through the challenge; the nurses will be enabled to work to their full potential as leaders, innovators and health advocates.

National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK) motivated by their motto, “The voice of the Nursing Profession” has heeded to this call by signing up for the challenge and has set the ball rolling come year 2020. And who else would better make the nursing profession better if not the young nurses? Annette Kennedy, ICN President, emphasized on this by clearly stating “We need to seize the opportunity that 2020 gives us to shape a different future for our profession by investing in the next generation.”

Let’s get ready to Challenge, be challenged, to mentor and to be and mentored!!

Attached is a link to a brochure that describes the challenge in some detail