– when you provide life-saving actions and the patient’s relatives say “thank you DOCTOR”, tell them “I AM A NURSE”

– when you provide aid to an accident victim on the roadside and the people around appreciate your effort and say “God bless you Doctor”, politely tell them “I am not a doctor; I AM A NURSE”

– When a police officer at the checkpoint pulls you over in your expensive ride and refer to you as a doctor because of the big JEEP and stethoscope hanging on the center mirror, tell him “OFFICER, I AM A NURSE”let him know that we do drive expensive rides.

– When you attempt and successfully resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient in the market square and everyone applauds you and discusses how doctors are life savers, do not walk away without clearing the notion that we nurses are life savers, tell them please, I am a NURSE

– When as an occupational health nurse, you go for a hospital or/and accommodation inspection; don’t leave the vicinity without letting them know that you are representing your organization and that you are doing such in your capacity as a NURSE

– When you are introduced at a public function as “Doctor …” probably because you have a Ph.D., and the audience gives you a standing ovation at the end of your presentation, please take time to let them know that you are a NURSE.

-When you ensure that there is no Mother To Child HIV transmission despite the mother being HIV positive, They will always refer to you as the doctor, be proud and tell them you’re A Nurse.

Someone needs to start setting the record straight.
All am saying is this, whether you are RN, RM, BNSc, or Ph.D., It is high time we began to make our presence felt in every little way possible, one step at a time. This is one way of redeeming our image, one way we can accord ourselves the respect we deserve.

Go out today and be a proud nurse. Let the public know who we really are and that all that we do which is a sharp contrast to what they see in the movies and read in the media.

I am NOT a Doctor; I am proudly a Nurse!

Article by: Leonard Otieno
Chair NNAK Journal &Publicity Committee

Photo: Otieno During Placement in Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital 2015