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NNAK <> KOKO Partner To Gift Nurses in Nairobi

As the world gears up to appreciate health workers globally, we are pleased to announce a partnership with KOKO Networks to say Thank You to our members who are at the frontline of fighting COVID -19. KOKO Networks is an international technology company operating in Kenya, in partnership with Vivo Energy Kenya, the company which owns and operates “Shell” branded service stations in Kenya. KOKO’s technology enables the distribution of clean cooking fuel to hard working Nairobians. 


As a result of our partnership with KOKO, Nurses living and working in Nairobi will receive a special offer giving them an opportunity to acquire the safest, most affordable and most convenient two burner cooking solution available in the market.


KOKO is giving first time cooker owners who are nurses KES 2,000/= worth of free fuel. In addition, KOKO has slashed 1,000/= off the cooker price, meaning Nurses will pay 3,500/= instead of 4,500. Nurses will in addition get 2 free refills, and an extra 100/= credited to their KOKO accounts. This offer runs from the 15th of June to the 15th of July.


Using KOKO’s technology

KOKO has designed three pieces of equipment that you will interact with frequently:

  • KOKO Cooker – this is a two burner cooker that utilizes KOKO’s smart fuel technology for a safe, convenient, fast, and affordable cooking experience. The cooker uses liquid bioethanol, a byproduct of Kenya’s sugar industry.
  • KOKO Point – this is a cashless fuel atm that is located in more than 600 KOKO agent shops spread across the Nairobi metropolitan area. You can search for your nearest KOKO Point here.
  • KOKO Canister – this is a 2.3 litre plastic bottle that is used to purchase fuel from a KOKOpoint, and transfer the fuel to your KOKO cooker.


Advantages of cooking with Ethanol

  1. Clean & Safe – KOKO fuel is clean to handle and burn, has no emissions, and is unpressurised so has no risk of explosion. The KOKO canister ensures ultra-safe handling and refilling.
  2. Fast & Convenient – The KOKO cooker is fast to light, easy to regulate and switch off. At its highest setting, it burns 10% hotter than standard LPG. 
  3. Low-cost – the KOKO cooker and canister are more affordable than LPG. Fuel refill bundles are available from as low as KES 30. 


To leverage on our partnership with KOKO to acquire your KOKO cooker dial 0800720716 to start cooking with the safest, most affordable, and most convenient two burner cooking experience you desire!


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