What we offer our members

Training Opportunities

Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for both online and on site with accredited CPD Points for license renewal, career opportunities and personal growth and Development. Free CPD materials such as booklets. Sponsored Exchange programs.Education pool fund for members. Members are also able to receive CPD points and certification after attendance of our Annual Scientific Conference.

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Research Opportunities

The Association partners with various research organizations to conduct clinical researches with the aim of generating evidence based Nursing Practices. We have sponsored annual Scientific Conferences for members with abstracts to present, share and exchange knowledge from research and build upon the gaps identified.

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Social Welfare Programs

We have Nurse/ Midwife Recognition awards which are given based on various categories. The awards are a partnership supported initiative and the best overall nurses are feted through an open, transparent and competitive process. We also have award system for hospital facilities, Counties and NNAK Branches Country Wide. Social Welfare Programs; We have a system to support members through a social welfare program We Initiate Evidence-based projects to address community needs. Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF) for deceased members.

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Recognition Awards for Nurses, Facilities and Branches

We organize and sponsor awards for Nurses and Midwives who have demonstrated exemplary clinical, research and Academic Excellence We in addition commend, recognize and encourage facilities and branches for their support and contribution to the Nursing Profession.

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