Voice For The Nursing Profession..

Created by nurses for nurses to articulate nursing values, to ensure sound health policies, advance nurse’s knowledge, to promote a respected, competent, motivated , clinically astute nurses’ and a healthy nation


Promote excellence in nursing and midwifery


The leading association towards a healthy society.

Core Values

Compassion, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Stewardship, Learning

Our Goal

Nurses empowerment towards positive health actions for a healthier society

Our Belief.

To mobilize global knowlegde and resources to address local priorities and needs. To provide a platform for professional development and advancement.

Main Features.

  • That nurses offer 90% of health services in Kenya and as such cannot be ignored in health policy formulation and in leadership position
  • That nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training
  • That nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through a non-discriminative and accommodative system.
  • Nurses are full partners with other health professionals in redesigning, implementing and evaluating health services in Kenya
  • Data is critical to attain effective workforce planning and policy decisions.

Social Welfare.

We hold our communities with great esteem and hold hands with them in identifying and addressing their health needs. NNA Kenya empowers communities through various programs designed and aimed at promoting healthier societies.

Main Features.

  • Corporate sponsorship for the Matter heart run to support treatment for children with heart ailments
  • Scaling up the war against cancer in partnership with Kenya Cancer association and participation in the relay for life to drum up support for cancer victims
  • Ensuring protection of reproductive health rights for women through advocacy and awareness projects in collaboration with global partners
  • Establishment of wellness centers to reduce the incedence of Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer amongst the general population

Recognition Awards.

NOYA awards are open to all registered nurses working in all health sectors in Kenya. These awards target nurses who have excelled in ensuring highly standardized care to patients and in enhancing th professional welfare of their colleagues

Main Features.

  • Nurse of the Year Award Sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, Unilever


We provide support to research activity across health & science disciplines, including sponsorship of conferences and research funding for members

Main Features.

  • Sponsored Annual Scientific conference
  • Review and publication of scientific papers
  • Education and research funding for members
  • Mentorship for research activities.


We treasure the diversity of our members and have focused on building members’ capacity through creation and value addition in training opportunities. We are NCK accredited with training opportunities in the following areas

Main Features.

  • Accredited continuing professional development (CPD)training
  • Free CPD materials such as booklets
  • Sponsored exchange programs


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  • Quality health care through delivery of quality nursing services
  • Improved nursing competencies through expanded education opportunities.
  • Collaboration with organizations to deliver on quality health for all citizenry.
  • Advocacy and lobbying for an improved policy environment.


  • Improve the Image of the Nursing Profession
  • Assure quality in Nursing and Midwifery practice
  • Influence Nursing, Health and Social policy
  • Achieve exponential growth in membership
  • Strategic leadership and governance
  • Promote Economic Welfare of Nurses and the Society
  • Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships


Commonwealth Nurses Federation
International Council Of Nurses
World Health Assembly
Kenya Healthcare Federation
Kenya Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (KOGS)
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics